Blog 4

This week I was thinking about what I should write about, so i googled women’s issues around the world.  I figured a lot of interesting things would come up, and they sure did.  One article really I came across was very interesting.  It was titled 25 Facts About Women All Around the World.

I began reading this article and I was appalled by all the different statistics that were shown.  One fact that really got my attention was that in Saudi Arabia is a wife does not get her husband coffee then he can divorce her if he chooses.  WHAT!! I found myself laughing because it is so sad that women in different societies are portrayed as a maid in a sense.  Also, another fact was in Italy it is legal to be a prostitute if your name is Mary.  How terribly sad!  Did you know that in Japan condoms are sold door to door by women??  Ya me either.  I found most of this article to be so sad because in this case women are lessening themselves by going around selling condoms.  But then again, I thought to myself maybe they are being forced to by their husband to make money or maybe it is the only job they can get.

I found really only one fact to be very positive.  I never knew that the two highest IQ scores ever recorded are held by women.  Now that’s impressive!  This whole article just showed me that women are a minority in today’s society. I find it to be very upsetting, but maybe someday things will change, one can only hope!
Here is a link to the article that I found.

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  1. sandywost says:

    Interesting about the women with the high IQ scores. There is a reason why they do not receive the media and public exposure as men because this could tip the scale and those in power do not want us to know these things for fear of their being replaced and losing power. In one of my other classes we were discussing how there have not been many women who have been recognized in literature. I paused to think and you know there are not many. Just like so many of the women we learned about historically in this class…most I had little or know knowledge of the significant role they played in change for womens rights! Neat article. Thank-you.

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